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Blk 3023A Ubi Road 1 #01-60

Singapore 408717

Workshop: 6743 8552



Our pricing for standard servicing package starts from $98++

(Bizol fully synthetic 5w/40 engine oil - Made in Germany)

Product data sheet


Our pricing for serious servicing package starts from $128++

(Bizol F1 fully synthetic 0w/40 engine oil - Made in Germany)

Product data sheet 


Our pricing for lorries & van starts from $ price varies due to vehicle sizes.

(Bizol protect 15/40 - Made in Germany)

Product data sheet 

**Trust us in heavy duty vehicles as we operate a small fleet of 24/7 tow trucks.


Gearbox repairs are our specality too. Contact us for more information regarding your vehicle gearbox problems.


The standard servicing package consists of:

1) Bizol engine oil

2) Engine oil Filter

3) Spark Plugs (Copper)

4) Essential checks to ensure safety (Brakes, Battery, Coolant water Etc)

  -  We will inform you first before changing anything to avoid any misunderstanding.

  -  We will retain the removed parts to show that parts have been changed.


We insist on using Bizol engine oil for our customers as it is proven by our own tow trucks (daily on the road) that it is reliable and provides extreme protection for our vehicles. It is more expensive than other brands found in hypermarkets as it is genuinely from Germany (Automotive Experts). We have to use good engine oil for our customers due to the fact that we do not want any internal damages to their cars and also protecting our business interests. We insists on Germany product as we were proved to be right all along.

Trust us, we know what we are doing to your vehicles.


Repairs (Experience + Expertise = Problem Solver)


We love doing major repairs as it is our expertise to deal with major car/lorry problems.


Steps to be taken for repairs.

1) It will be diagnosed with OBD ports computer to analyse the problems.

     (Do allow us to have ample time for accurate diagnosing)

2) Notify customer about the problems found.

3) We will check the spare parts avaliablity and cost.

4) List down the cost to our customers and let our customers decide.

5) We will only proceed to repair those agreed cost by our customers.

6) Faulty parts will be retained to show our customers.

7) Strictly no hidden charge except for our nation GST and labour fees.

8) Labour fees are charged by lumpsum repair and not part by part.


**Fret not, if the problems are not solved, we will refund you back the amount.

   Please be considerate and fair as this is a very grey line. Let us both be gentlemen when doing    business dealings.

** For BMW - We use ICOM to diagnose the problem.

** For Mercedes-benz - We use star diagnosis system.

** For Japanese cars- We use launch x431.


Panel Beatings

We provides panel beating in-house too.

Panel beating prices cannot be quoted as prices vary from different car makes and the severity of the damage.

Contact us for price estimation today.

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